Stay the Kids Home with Suzi Shelton at Jalopy Theatre Online

Jalopy Theatre and School of Music

Sunday, June 14th 5pm (EST) - New Time!

STAY THE KIDS HOME, bringing live family performances streamed from a responsible distance from your favorite artist. We will have donate links in the description and all proceeds will be split between Jalopy and the artists, to help keep us afloat in this new era.

Join us for a special performance from our own Suzi Shelton! Just go to our facebook page at 11:00am EST for the stream! Visit facebook.com/jalopytheatre/live

Proceeds will be split between the artist and Jalopy. Please support your local artists! To Donate please click here: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=w-eL9wI1gQG30jq1Wk8f2j5oS7AAQAc0px95NrbmI29ExGpNipkC-StD4WzbPe7pEi9-I0&country.x=US&locale.x=US